August 2, 7-9pm Jazz Cool Down Series at LA Third Church in Leimert Park.  If you haven’t heard much from us lately, it’s because we decided that in 2017 we would no longer be playing bars or clubs or any place that isn’t a music venue or for a worthy cause. We’ve been traveling to the Bay area and the Sierras doing concert venues, churches and music rooms, most of them sold out.

The Jazz Cool Down Series is a great fit for us because it is a concert setting with good sound in a small (120 seat) venue and the proceeds go to a worthy cause. Parkside EDC, the nonprofit running the series, gives college scholarships to deserving students from inner-city high schools: Crenshaw, Dorsey, View Park and others. We hope you’ll join us for this concert featuring an expanded lineup exploring the jazz/gospel nexus followed by a set from the Little Faith vocalists. Help us make the world a better place and come hear great music in Leimert Park. Our show at this venue sold out last year, so here’s a link to purchase tickets: